PowerChurch Software

Church Management Software For Today's Growing Churches

PowerChurch Software was founded in 1984 with a vision of helping churches and ministries help others even more. Over 30 years in the church management software field has taught us much. Early on, we realized that no two churches are exactly alike. As a result, PowerChurch Software develops products that are as flexible and customizable as possible. We also learned that customer loyalty is the true measure of success. That is why we are so proud that over 38,000 organizations have come to rely on PowerChurch Software for their ministry management software needs.

Empower Church Management by PowerChurch Software

In 2022, PowerChurch launched Empower ChMS. Empower is a browser-based church management software. Empower ChMS is designed to provide churches with the essential tools they love in PowerChurch, and also offer new features available with progressing technology.